Companies play a huge role in achieving sustainable development. Corporations around the world shape public behavior, and in turn, influence environmental policies based on what problems they create and solve.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international non-profit organization that encourages companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests, is one of the world’s most effective environmental shepherds.

Voted as the number one climate research provider by investors, CDP takes advantage of investor and buyer power to influence companies to disclose and manage their environmental impacts. With this, the organization aims to guide governments in drafting relevant ecological policies to encourage sustainable businesses.

On February 8,  2019, Caesar Entertainment, one of the most diversified casino-entertainment company, announced that it had been awarded as a global leader in Supplier Engagement Leader Board for actions to reduce emissions and lower climate-related risk. The company ranks among 3% of the organizations to be awarded a position in the leaderboard.

The company is said to be one of the global leaders in climate sustainability because of its effectivity on managing carbon and climate change impacts across its supply chain and subsidiary businesses.

Caesar Entertainment ranks top 3% over the 5,000+ companies that were assessed by CPD on their supply chain management strategies, for its role in maintaining a sustainable supply chain for the past reporting year.

According to Mike Fath, Vice President and & Chief Procurement Officer at Caesars Entertainment, the company recognizes its role in reducing their impact on the planet. He further added that that is the reason why they don’t stop setting ambitious goals and actions that are aimed at significantly decreasing their corporation’s carbon footprint throughout their full supply chain.

The executive also noted that they are very grateful and honored with the award that they have received and will continue to strive further to create a long-lasting difference in the environment.


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